Welcome to LivelyPencil

Update notice (2023): Due to problems in the development process, the release date of the application has been postponed indefinitely.

New Features : Live Topics, – Retell(Quotes) – Discussion Chat Rooms

The development process, which we started with an extraordinary idea in 2019, is finally coming to a conclusion. It will be at your service when the Android beta version tests, which we plan to release in 2022, are completed.

LivelyPencil works in an exciting way to create and share content.

We allocate a notebook that can broadcast live to our users. We use an unusual method where the content is shown to the users instantly in the live broadcast.

You can create an unlimited number of page in your notebook. You can add texts, images, video and audio to the pages you create. Users who follow your notebook can comment and like your pages.

Live notebooks can be used for many different purposes. You can use it for hundreds of different purposes such as your social activities, educational activities, journalism and information creation or a diary.

The LivelyPencil Lite version does not include most of the planned features. After the user experiences, we will determine the features that will be included in the stable version with you.

We will share with you when detailed promotional documents are completed. Thank you for reading.

LivelyPencil Team

Project Status: 
2019 : The main idea of the project emerged
2020 : The design phase of the project was started.
2021 : Development process started. It ended in failure.
2022 : An attempt to develop a lite version failed.
2023 : (Jan) Project design and function plan updated.
2023 : (Jan) Many professional app development companies were interviewed. 
2023 : (Feb) Financial solution is expected for increased project development costs.