• Account creation in LivelyPencil is currently available through the Android app. IOS and web application will be at your service soon.

    After installing the application, open the register screen, enter your name and e-mail address. On the next screen, give your notebook a name and choose your cover photo. Your registration is complete after you select the recommended popular publications in the last step.

  • The “Go Live” button at the bottom of the application screen opens the content creation area. (The content creation area is to be live.) When you open this area, the last page you edited opens. You can add content to your page using content adding tools (text, audio, video, image).

    When the page reaches the content limit, you can switch to the new page. The pages you create accumulate in your notebook. Each page gets a unique number.

  • To add comments to the pages created by the users you follow, you need to open the relevant page. When you want to add a comment to the page you are watching, click the comment button. The comment area of the page opens. You can write your comment within the framework of the rules of respect. You can reply to other users’ comments in the comment area.

  • We have not included messaging in the LivelyPencil Lite version for now. Our development work for the messaging area continues. We are happy to inform you that this feature will be active in iOS and web application.

  • Use the “Live Users” tab to find post types and users you’re interested in. You can search for users or topics using the search feature. You can follow the publications you like in the results.

    In the profile of the users you visit, you can follow the users you like in the Who follows tab.

  • You can delete your account from the settings section. After opening the settings section by clicking the button on the top left, click delete my account at the bottom and confirm. Your account and any information you have created will be deleted.

  • We are currently unable to offer this feature. We will ensure that this version is used in future versions.

  • We continue to work to enable professional publishers to monetize their content. This feature will be at your service in the stable version.

  • You can report your complaints about users and other legal issues that violate our content restrictions. Our workaround center: support@livepencil.com